Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Crazy Wednesday Dinner

Here's a snapshot of my dinner tonight.

Wednesdays are crazy days for us. My husband gets home around 5:45 and we have to be at church by 6:30. I try to have dinner ready and waiting, we scarf it down, and then head off to church.

Tonight we had Chicken Egg Drop Soup. Last week I made a huge pot of Chicken Rice Soup. I just used chicken broth from ALDI, which is exceptionally tasty by the way, some fresh carrots, celery, and onions, and frozen corn. After I simmered the fresh veggies in the broth until they started to get tender, I added the frozen corn and some chicken I had baked up earlier. I added cooked rice at the last minute. After bringing some to two different friends, we still had a lot left!

Today I brought the leftover soup up to a boil and slowly poured in 2 beaten eggs while stirring. And, voila! We have Egg Drop Soup! I made up some grilled cheese (yummy), and served the soup and sandwich with corn chips, apples, and veronica dip.


they call him Tim said...

Those food pictures look good enough to eat :)

Katie said...

Welcome to the gluten-free blogging world. That looks delish! :-)


Simply...Gluten-free said...

Hi welcome to gf eating and blogging. Great idea with the soup - so easy! I look forward to more posts.

Anonymous said...

We have those same dishes (in blue, yellow and red)! We love them!
Great blog so far.