Monday, April 21, 2008

Trip to the Cinema - Completey and Utterly Off Topic!

On Saturday, Tim and I met a frined at the cinema to see "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed." I must say, I very much enjoyed it! It's nice to have a documentary out there that I can stomach.

The movie talked about intelligent design theory vs. Darwinism/evolution theory. It presented both sides of the debate (well, if you watch the movie, you'll see that there really isn't a debate), and had interviews with many prominent scientists. It discussed how Darwinism is intimately married to atheism, and how intelligent design is not rooted in religion.

The second law of thermodynamics states that if left to itself, Entropy always increases (thanks Rae). Entropy is the randomness of molecules. So, if left alone, molecules will always become more random. How, then, did molecules billions of years ago ignore this law and create life? (I'm digressing rapidly now.)

Back to the movie: I did like it; I thought it was well done, albeit a bit bizarre in format from time to time. Go see it; it could be an eye-opener.

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