Friday, April 4, 2008

Evening Out

Tonight I had dinner with my two visiting friends and Tim at Buffalo Wild Wings. I called yesterday to be sure that they had gluten free options. I spoke with Kirk and he was very helpful. He informed me that they did have many wheat free selections. I don't know if I impressed upon him the importance of the gluten free diet, but I felt comfortable enough to go tonight to see what I could find.

I started dinner with some super scrumptious buffalo wings with their "medium" buffalo sauce. It was still pretty spicy, but oh so vinegary just like I like it! Kirk had read the sauce label for me yesterday, so I knew it was safe. For my entree I had the Grilled Chicken Breast "sandwich" with no bun and no seasoning. Again, I had the medium buffalo sauce. Along with my side salad (substituted for fries for an extra $1), it was a good meal. I really enjoyed my night out.

Now I know that I want this blog to focus on eating gf on a budget. Going out to eat twice in a week is not a regular occurance for us. We did have a gift card that covered Famous Dave's, so that was "frugal." Tonight we wanted to go out since we have company over. I'll try to post more fragal-ly next week!

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Gluten Free Heaven said...

Hi Sarah,
I like your new blog! Keep the great recipes and restaurant experiences coming!
Karen at Gluten Free Heaven