Saturday, April 5, 2008

Beautiful Day

If you live anywhere near the Midwest, you'll know that it is absolutely gorgeous out! I don't know why I'm here at my computer when I could be outside in the almost 70 degree weather.

Like I said yesterday, we have some friends staying for the weekend. Tim put them to work earlier picking up sticks in our yard. Now one of them is outside mowing up the leaves that we didn't rake up last fall. Whoops! We raked up our backyard, and then we had a big ice storm, so that put a damper on raking our front yard.

Well, I've got to go make my Milk Chocolate Bubble Cake. Eat your hearts out; it's gluten free and all for me! Actually, I will share it with my friends, and if I get any comments requesting pictures of it or the recipe, I just might share. We'll see.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Milk Chocolate Bubble Cake? It does sound really good! I would really like to see a picture and get the recipe. When you get a chance.