Saturday, April 12, 2008

Variety Show

The variety show at my church went really well. We had a pasta dinner, which actually worked out wonderfully for me. I brought my own rice penne and heated it up in the microwave. Mona was in charge of the kitchen, and, since she knows I can't eat gluten, so kindly made me a plain chicken breast. And for dessert I had some of my delicious Chocolate Chip Cheese Cake. I'll put up some pictures and the recipe soon.

At 6:00 we had dinner and a time to socialize at our tables. Then we had the first half of the show. Dessert was next, followed by the second half of the show. We had a few skits, some piano duets, some vocal music. I played two pieces on the marimba, one in each half. Even though I get nervous, I really enjoy playing for an audience. The marimba is such an unusual instrument, most people have never heard one in person before. Here's the best picture of me playing. It's the least blurry of the bunch.

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