Friday, April 11, 2008

Desserts, Desserts, Desserts

This weekend is my weekend of desserts. On Saturday my church is having a variety show. Everyone (except the senior citizens) needs to bring a dessert. Of course I'll bring something gluten free. On Sunday, after our morning church service, Tim and I are going over to our frineds house. Again, I'm bringing dessert. After our Sunday evening service, my church is having a "going away" party for our intern. My last name starts with the letter that is supposed to bring, you guessed it: dessert!

I may bring a cheese cake on Saturday; I haven't decided. I haven't even thought about Sunday yet. I suppose I should figure something out since I'll have to make them all on Saturday afternoon.

On a non-food-related note, I'm going to be playing a marimba solo at my church's variety show. What IS a marimba, you ask? Here's a little photo of my dream marimba. It's a Yamaha 5.0 Octave Rosewood Marimba.

I play it with two mallets in each hand so I can play up to four notes simultaneously. It's a very unique and beautiful sounding instrument!

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