Friday, May 23, 2008

Gluten Free Friday, Recap

It's Friday; Gluten Free Friday, to be exact!

We're going to do a quick recap of all the ground we've covered so far on Gluten Free Fridays.

I started by discussing label reading. I pointed out a few ingredients to watch out for. Reading labels becomes a habit; it's second nature to me now.

Then I wrote about ways food can be inadvertently contaminated by gluten. It's important to keep gluten filled and gluten free items seperate in your kitchen. I'm always very conscious of crumbs and such.

The next topic I covered was a money saving tip as well as a helpful gluten free basic: cooking from scratch. It saves you money, and you know exactly what's going into your food.

The following Friday had a similar theme: baking from scratch. This is something I've grown to really enjoy. I like taking nothing but ingredients and creating something delicious. Also, I have a major sweet tooth!

Last Friday I spaced out and posted Gluten Free Friday on Saturday. Whoops! I discussed a gluten free basic that helps to save your sanity. Even though you cook gluten free, make one meal that the whole family can enjoy, not one "regular" meal and one gf meal. It also helps the gluten free-er not feel like the odd duck out.

Next Friday I'll post another money saving tip that applies to those who eat gluten free and those who don't: menu planning.


Anonymous said...

Hi Everybody

Anonymous said...

Hi Everybody,
I had the chance to visit Sarah & Tim a couple of day earlier this week. I'm Sarah's wonderful Dad and Tim's fantastic Father-In-Law. I come from a background of cooking with real butter, roast beef, mashed potaoes and gravey, vegetables, and dessert. I must tell you the two meals we had at their home were better than good--they were Great! We had crepes for breakfast, they were to die for. They were Very Good! My next visit I want to try the 'Cran-Razz' drink! Love, Dad :-)

Sarah said...

Thanks for the comment. I'm glad it worked for you this time.

We had a great time visiting with you this last week. I'm glad you got home safely! Love ya!