Sunday, May 4, 2008

Oh, Yummm

Yesterday, I took my own advise and we made this for dinner:

We cooked all naturally gluten free foods: chicken, corn, and potatoes. Tim cooked the chicken and the tater-tots (in foil) on the grill. Half way through grilling, he added barbecue sauce to the chicken breasts. Oh, yes; it was bar-be-licious!

A "simple" dinner like this is easy to prepare and is so delicious, there's no need to complicate it!


Sharon said...

That looks so good. Yum.

Tenille said...

Yummy!!! That's pretty much what most of our dinners look like too.

We bought tater tots once, though, that turned out to have wheat in them! Yikes!

Sarah said...

It's ridiculous what they put wheat into! I did check these, and luckily they were wheat free. I'm glad since I love tater-tots!