Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Menu Update

We've made a menu change already this week! On Monday, we were going to have some friends over for dinner after Tim's parents left. Unfortunately I got a horrible migraine, which is unusual for me. I'll get a migraine every once in a while, but not this bad. So Tim just ran out and got Chinese food while I zonked out on the couch.

The Salsa Chicken Soup turned out great on Tuesday! We had our pastor and his wife over for dinner and they both liked it. We also had corn on the cob (yum!) and asparagus on the grill (also yum!).

Tonight our bean burritos were better than expected. We just used refried beans from ALDI and corn tortillas. It was simple and quite good.

Hopefully our friends will be able to come over for dinner on Friday; if they do, we'll have our hamburgers on the grill then and postpone Veggie Fajitas.

I'll post tomorrow about my tomato soup adventure!

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