Sunday, May 11, 2008


I'm listening to a piece that I played with my local symphony yesterday. It was only for 3 string players, 2 woodwind players, 1 brass player, 1 piano player, and 4 percussionists (one was me!).

That's a pretty small group. Normally I'm on stage with about 50 people, not only 10 others. The composer was actually at the concert, and our rehearsals, too, so that really added to the pressure.

I like the piece; it grew on me. It's quiet modern and has a lot of time signatures switches. That makes it really hard to follow, so you have to be glued to your sheet of music the whole time. You practically can't even take a breath for the whole piece, which is over ten minutes long.

Needless to say, it was very difficult, taxing, and fun. Then I came home and made baked potatoes and had friends over for dinner. We played Settlers of Catan after dinner. Tim won. Sorry, this was kind of a random post. I appreciate randomness from time to time; I hope you do too.


Anonymous said...

I liked your random post!

Sarah said...

I'm glad you appreciate randomness, too.

"Appreciate a woman who appreciates randomness." said by a 1900's English explorer of Africa, hehe.