Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Weekly Menu

Well, here's the menu; better late than never, I guess.
  • Wednesday - Patient Appreciation Day at our chiropractor: free dinner
  • Thursday - Breakfast
  • Friday - Pizza party with Sunday school class. I'll bring barbecue chicken pizza
  • Saturday lunch - Grad open house: hamburgers
  • Saturday dinner - Chicken on the grill
  • Sunday lunch - Taco salad
  • Sunday dinner - Beefaroni
  • Monday - Split pea chowder (again, since we loved it so much!)
  • Tuesday - Spanish rice and beans

I just found out yesterday that my Dad is coming to visit Sunday through Tuesday. Hopefully he likes split pea chowder! I'd set the menu before I knew when he was coming, so we're sticking with it.


In Light of the Truth... said...

pie pics are up for you, so check it out! =)

Carrie said...

i love simple menus like this! I bet your dad will love your soup!! I want to try it sometime!!

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

hi there - was looking no the organizing junkie and found you... we are gfcf. (casein free).. i'm going to peek more at your blog. I need some fresh ideas. i have some recipes as well on mine...