Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wheat and Legume Free?

I got an interesting comment from "C," and she said that her son has a wheat allergy, egg allergy and an all-encompassing legume allergy. I feel for her; it sounds like they are really struggling to figure out what's going on with their son's diet.

I've not heard of anyone being wheat allergic and legume allergic. If any of you readers have heard of someone else in this same situation, please leave a comment. Hopefully "C" will visit again to check comments.

I know a lot of gluten free recipes call for bean flours. I myself have not ventured too far into the world of bean flours; I stick with mainly rice and tapioca flours. So, "C," most of my recipes should work for you, minus the ones with eggs. I know rice flour is almost a thing of the gluten-free-past by now, but it works for me. One day I will start working with bean flours, but I'm happy where I am for now.

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Gluten free Kay said...

I am wheat free and legume free. Legumes don't seem to bother my intestines, but cause pain in my lower back (liver or kidney.) I hope to add them back to my diet when I have healed a little more.

Chicken livers, spinach and chocolate have the same effect. My guess is that I have kidney stones. I hope to try a kidney flush when I think my body is healty enough to handle it.