Monday, June 9, 2008

Farmer's Market

On Saturday Tim and I took a trip to our local farmer's market. We enjoyed strolling along the aisle, looking at all of the local talent. There were crafts and baked goods, but very little produce. We only saw radishes and endive.

Unfortunately for me, Tim doesn't like radishes, so it would have been silly to buy some just for me. And we weren't all that inspired by the endive, either.

So we were content to just enjoy the sunshine and enjoy each other's company. Until I saw it...

It was a little sign on a table next to some baked goods. It read "Gluten Free." I marched straight up to the table and to get a closer look. The seller said his wife was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease, so she was trying out some new baking techniques. The cookies were peanutbutter, and they cost $2.75 for 6. I snatched them up in a fit of joy!

Tim and I both liked the cookies, although peanutbutter isn't my favorite. I just liked the fact that I could go to the farmer's market and get a baked treat like a "normal" person. Oh, it felt good!


Tenille said...

How cool!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Everybody,
I was thinking about the trip you guy's took on Saturday to the farmer's market. You commented at the end of your blog that it felt good to be able to buy something like 'normal' people do. I don't think you and Tim will ever be considered 'normal'. . .And for that I'm glad! LOL Love, Dad :-)