Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Food for a Busy Week?

This week my church orchestra is playing for the services at our church association's national conference. My very talented music pastor is in charge of all of the music for the conference; it's a great honor.

What this means at the Tim-and-Sarah household is: fast, fast, fast meals! I get off of work at 3:30. Today and Thursday we need to leave from church at 4:00, Wednesday at 2:00. Luckily I have the best boss ever, so he'll let me leave early on Wednesday. Fortunately (and unfortunately) the conference is close enough that we will come home every evening, but it's still a 2 hour drive each way!

Tim came up with a great idea of what to have to dinner. Last night I put together a lasagna and this morning (as I'm typing this), it's in the oven. Later this morning it will go in the fridge, and each afternoon we'll just heat up a piece! We'll have a plum or apple with it, and maybe some carrot sticks or something.

I'm also making some hearty muffins. I kind of just threw everything together, so hopefully they'll turn out! Tim's making Chex mix for the road, so I think we'll all have a good time. I'm really looking forward to the conference, but it's going to make for a busy week!

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