Thursday, October 30, 2008


I was browsing through my old high school yearbook today. Thinking back on those days, I realize how many things I did wrong, how many bad attitudes I had, how many opportunities to touch other peoples’ lives I let slide by.

Now don’t get me wrong; I was a good kid. I was one of the six valedictorians out of my class of 350. I was involved in music (of course). I was in the concert band (playing French horn), the symphonic band (playing percussion), jazz band on and off, pit orchestra, marching band, pep band, chamber orchestra on and off, concert choir, and chamber singers. I even managed our football team for a season.

I think that in high school I was just focusing on all of the wrong things. I always wanted a boyfriend, and now I’m desperately glad that I didn’t have one. I always wanted to be “popular;” well, that’s not really true. I enjoyed being a bit of an oddball, actually. I think what I mean is, I wanted to be accepted.

I was so blessed to have a great group of friends. They helped me get through a rough time in my life with their faithful support and their unconditional acceptance. Without their friendship, I don’t think I would have made it through half as well as I did.

I just know that if I was able to do high school over again with the attitudes I’ve developed and with the life experience I have now, I would have done a much better job.

Oh, and while I made my bread tonight I listened to PFR’s album “Them”. Another *totally high school* flashback.


Carrie said...

lol We are so much alike Sarah! Yeah, I was kind of an oddball too, but like you I just wanted a boyfriend, and like you it's a good thing I didn't have one! God was watching over us that's for sure!! I think, like you so elegantly stated, I just wanted to be accepted. I'm really thankful that God has shown us the true meaning of acceptance as adults! I wouldn't go back to being a teenager for anything! I have learned so much since then.

And I So love PFR!!!! ;-) Thanks for reminiscing!!

Gluten free Kay said...

I think everyone would like a "do-over" for their high school years! We were ALL still learning. Mostly we've forgiven each other (and ourselves) for mistakes made and crimes against fashion.

I like getting together with high school friends and college friends. We've turned out okay and are happy to have shared our learning years.

And then High School Musical 3 comes along and we all wish we had done things differently! Again!