Friday, October 10, 2008

Caramel Corn

Since we're going on a trip this weekend, we made a batch of caramel corn for a snack. We used this recipe here, but made just a half recipe.

Apparently we took it too literally when it said to boil for five minutes without stirring. It burned a bit on the bottom of the sauce, so next time I think we’ll stir occasionally.

Other than that, it turned out pretty good!


Li loves David said...

Funny, I've been thinking about making caramel corn recently, also. The stuff is so darn addictive, though, that once I start eating it, I can't stop. Maybe I should try making half a batch, like you did!

Anonymous said...

Hi Everybody,
That picture of Caramel Corn looks good enough to eat! I can see some fun variations I might add to the recipe: peanuts, coconut flakes, chocolate chips, and the list goes on and on. . .
Love Always, Dad :-)