Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dinners and a Movie

We had Tim’s family staying with us this past weekend. We had planned on having brats for lunch, but that fell through, so we get to have them for dinner a few times this week! I think we’ll also take some in our lunches tomorrow.

My in-laws all wanted to eat at Panera, even though I told them that it’s fairly difficult for me to eat there. I ended up having a salad (no chicken or dressing, please) and a hot chocolate with soy milk.

Then later Saturday afternoon we went to the cinema. We saw “Eagle Eye,” which ended up being quite good. It has one of my favorite actresses on it: Michelle Monaghan. Unfortunately I got “motion sick” and had to go sit in the lobby and eat ice chips for the last half of the movie, but I’d like to see it again once it comes out on DVD. I’ll do a lot better with it on a small screen.

Here’s our menu for the week, including lots o’ brats.
  • Monday – spaghetti
  • Tuesday – brats and rice
  • Wednesday – tomato soup and grilled cheese
  • Thursday – brats and squash
  • Friday – crepes
  • Saturday lunch – sandwiches
  • Saturday dinner – out, I think

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