Monday, September 1, 2008

Weekly Menu

We have $27.57 left in our grocery budget until Saturday. This is doable for us, but it will be very tight since I need to buy rice flour and tapioca flour. Here’s what we have planned for meals this week:

Monday lunch – Hotdogs, corn on the cob, fruit
Monday dinner – Cookout at a gluten-conscious friend’s home
Tuesday – Salsa chicken
Wednesday – Split pea chowder
Thursday – Vegetarian taco salad
Friday – Rice and lentil hotdish
Saturday lunch – I’ll be at my state’s Celiac conference, so Tim can make something impromptu for himself; he’s a great cook!
Saturday dinner – Pizza

Check out some more great menus over at Org Junkie.

Also check out the gluten free menu swap at Gluten Free Goodness.

We’re going shopping today. Unfortunately I think that ALDI is closed. That’s where we get our cheapest groceries, so we’ll just leave our ADLI items for a quick trip on the way home from work tomorrow.

Did you know that Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1894? I just read a little from Wikipedia about the origins of Labor Day, and even though it seems quite emotionally driven (“Oh the poor working people need a break”), as a working person myself, I’m not complaining about getting a day off. Actually, I’m having a great weekend of getting stuff done (obviously not blogging, though) and having fun, too!

A part of me wishes I had a three-day weekend every week!


Cheryl said...

thanks for submitting! salsa chicken sounds like something I should add in my rotation: quick, simple, cheap and easy. yahoo!

Anonymous said...

Hi Everybody,
Looks good, Guys. A week of good eats!
Love Dad :-)

Carrie said...

that's about our budget this week as well! I'm trying not to go to the store at all except for milk for M's cereal!! I need to post my menu ASAP!

Carrie said...

PS... don't you just LOVE ALDI!! ;-)

Sarah said...

I do love ALDI Carrie! It's a great place!