Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekly Menu

I'm following Carrie's lead and using some cream soups this week. I think we have some fun meals planned; we’re trying to get out of the rut of having the same boring meals over and over.

I also have some of Carrie’s ice cream in my freezer right now, although I made it chocolate chip instead of cinnamon!

I’m going to be posting my brownie recipe sometime this week; it just depends on when I have time to make them, so check back often!

Check out Kimberly at Living Free for a great gluten free menu round up.

And, as usual, you can find anything and everything over at Org Junkie's menu round up.


Carrie said...

Great menu Sarah! I'm debating whether to make chili tonight or that tater tot casserole which I've been saying I'm gonna make for weeks now! lol...

seamaiden said...

Very kid-friendly menu this week! Sounds like fun.

Have a great week!