Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Buffalo Beef

We had this last Monday (like last week’s Monday), and it was pretty good.

To make the sauce, I just mixed together some Herb Ox (gluten free) beef broth and some Frank’s Red Hot sauce (also gluten free). I thickened it with some water and rice flour.

I just love anything buffalo. I seem to crave the really vinegary sauces, like Frank's. I wonder if I have some deficiency in my diet that would cause me to crave vinegar? My friends all think it’s pretty weird, which it is.


Carrie said...

All meat sauces here where I live are VINEGAR based. All barbecue pork all barbecue chicken, all barbecue beef... they all have a HOT vinegary sauce on them!! YOu're just an eastern NC girl at heart!!

Sarah said...

I must be a NC girl at heart! I just love vinegar!