Friday, July 4, 2008

Macaroni and Cheese, Take 2

I tried making baked macaroni and cheese again. It turned out better than the first time, but still not really great.

Since I baked it, I added an egg to bind it together, but that just isn't working out for me. So, next time: no egg. Sister Rae helped me make a really tasty cheese sauce, so next time I just going to work from that.

I suppose that by the time we have kids (I'm not sure when that will be), I'll make the best macaroni and cheese in town!


Anonymous said...

Hi Everybody,
That mac & cheese does look yummy!
Love Dad :-)

Sarah said...

Thanks Dad. Hopefully the next batch will be even better!

Joanne said...

For great GF mac and cheese check out the blog A Year of Crockpotting,Stephanie cooks GF and all recipes in the crock pot including M&C.

Sarah said...

Thanks Joanne.
I've been meaning to check out her blog.

LeeAnn said...

I make a really good gf mac & cheese and it's pretty simple. I use the regular old recipe from Fannie Farmer with Tinkyada pasta and substitute tapioca flour for the white flour in the cheese sauce. That's it! Tastes great! And you don't have to boil the sauce five minutes to cook the flour since tapioca flour thickens up much quicker, so I just boil briefly and add the next ingredient. My family loves this and they are pretty picky about macaroni & cheese.