Friday, July 25, 2008


I've been such a delinquent blogger this week. Sorry!

Here's what's going on in my life that made for such a busy week: we going camping! But not only that, my mom's getting married today, too.

So, I'm working a half day today and then driving three hours to get to the wedding. My mom asked me to bring a chocolate chip cheese cake for the reception, so I had to make that in between summer band concerts and packing. Also, I'm going to play a little piano at the reception, so I had to find time to practice. And at work, today is the "end of the month" for me since I'll be gone next week, so I was *crazy* busy (read - going in early, staying late)!

So, between work, packing, practicing, summer band, and baking, I've not had much free time.

We're going to be tenting at a family Bible camp next week for a quasi-family reunion on my mom's side. We'll have some meals provided by the camp, and we'll cook some meals on our little camping stove. I called the camp to register and I mentioned that I couldn't eat any gluten. They said that wouldn't be a problem at all. I said something about bringing my own loaf of bread, and they said that the cook had some gluten free bread on hand! How exciting is that?!

My sister will be eating dinners with us and our little camping stove, so meal planning was difficult with her being a vegetarian and me a gluten free. Here's what we finally landed on:
  • Monday - Vegetarian taco salad
  • Tuesday - Soup and sandwich; Sister Rae will bring butternut squash soup and I'll bring split pea chowder
  • Wednesday - Rice and lentil hotdish

I'm really looking forward to this next week, but I'm also really looking forward to being done with preparations for next week.

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Hi Sarah - I know you are super busy, but you've been tagged at my new blog:

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