Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cherry Cobbler

I was so excited when I finally broke down and bought Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Rolled Oats. Really, for the price (I think it was $6.99), they're going to last me a long time.

For the Fourth of July I made Cherry Cobbler! I really love cobbler, so I was super excited about trying this tasty dessert gluten free. Thanks to Gluten Free Kay for the great recipe.

I modified mine slightly from Kay's recipe. To start with, I am not even close to being as wonderful of a gardener as she is, so I don't have my own cherry trees. I just bought a can of *horror of horrors* premade cherry pie filling. Also, I don't have a 7x7 baking dish like Kay used. So I made it in my 9x9 cake pan and increased the ingredients by 50%. It did need to bake a little longer because of the bigger size.

Cherry Cobbler turned out to be a cheap and super easy dessert. I'm for sure making this again (soon, hopefully).


Anonymous said...

Cobbler tease! Here you show us a lovely cobbler and forget to include the recipe... ;)

Carrie said...

that looks SOOOOO good!!! Mmmmmm!! I want to make a peach cobbler this weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Everybody,
The cherry cobbler looks great even with 'store bought' cherry's!
Love, Dad :-)

Sarah said...

Crystal Stair,
You can find the recipe through the link in my post to Gluten Free Kay. This cobbler is her invention.

Sarah said...

Oh, and Thanks Carrie and Dad!

Gluten free Kay said...

What a beautiful cobbler you made!

Although picking the cherries was a daily chore for a few weeks, I can't take full credit. The tree was here when I bought the house. It's one of the reasons I bought the house. I did nurse it back to health after the tornado. Five years later I got my first bumper crop.

Baking is more difficult for us gluten free folks. Never apologize for using the few shortcuts that are available to us.

While I was waiting for my tree to recover, I bought huge bags of frozen pie cherries from the Gordon Food Service Marketplace for my jellies and pies.

When you're ready to tackle fresh cherries, the secret to pitting them is the tool. I use the loop end of a big bobby pin. It pops the seed right out! Even though I know that secret, I spent HOURS pitting cherries for a few weeks. When I made a cobbler from my own frozen cherries in January, it will be worth all the effort.