Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekly Menu, Again

I'm having my wisdom teeth out on Thursday. Not really so fun. But it definitely affects our menu for this week. I'm not planning on having a ton of food on Thursday and Friday. I'll probably just stick with jello and split pea soup.

So Tim's in charge of cooking whatever he wants to eat. That makes menu planning a little bit easier.

Here's what we've got in the works:
  • Monday - Veggie Beef soup, leftover from last week
  • Tuesday - Election Party at a friend's house, Go McCain/Palin!
  • Wednesday - Squash, and something with 1/2 lb ground turkey
  • Thursday - Tim - Mac'n'Cheese, Sarah - Jello
  • Friday - Split Pea soup, if I'm up to it
  • Saturday lunch - Sunday school Barn Party
  • Saturday dinner - Something with the other 1/2 lb of ground turkey

How's that for a specific menu? It's at least a rough outline. I don't really know what to expect when I have my teeth out, so we'll just roll with the punches this week.

I like having a menu with naturally gluten free foods like squash, soups, and meat. Of course Tim get's the special treat of having "real" mac'n'cheese since I'm not sharing it with him; and by real I mean Kraft (obviously anti-gluten free)!

As usual, you can find tasty menus at Org Junkie.


Anonymous said...

Hi Everybody,
You'll do great on Thursday, Sari!
Love Dad :-)

Carrie said...

I'll be praying for you Sarah! I had that done in high school!! I'm sure it will go well for you!! I'm COMPLETELY with ya on McCain and Palin!!

glutenfreeislife said...

Hope your surgery went okay yesterday. ((HUGS))


Gluten Free Inspired said...

Hoping you are feeling "much" better today Sarah! Make sure hubby is treating you extra special :)