Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekly Menu

I'm playing with the symphony this weekend for their Holiday Pops concert, so I'll be at rehearsals Tuesday and Thursday. That means that I need something quick and easy for dinner on those two nights.

We also have a ton of tortillas left over from when we had salsa chicken last week. So, I need some creative ways to use them up.
  • Monday -Bean burritos
  • Tuesday - Tortilla pizzas
  • Wednesday - Chili
  • Thursday - Chili again, I think
  • Friday - Cheesy chicken rice casserole
  • Saturday lunch - Egg sandwiches
  • Saturday dinner - Eat out, I think, since I have a 2:00 show and a 7:30 show. Not much time left for cooking!
I sometimes feel a little anxious about eating out before a show. I prefer to eat something that I know will not make me *sick*. Maybe I'll come up with something to throw in the crock pot Saturday morning. That way I won't have to cook in between shows, and I'll get to eat at home.

Do you have any creative ways of using up corn tortillas before they go stale?


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
Love the info on the GF Blue cheese!
Love the info you put on your web site, too!

I use the corn tortilla wraps(Mission brand) and make scrambled eggs. I beat the eggs well,,,,,add the milk, add salsa, mix well, add some broccoli slaw, all the while the pan is heating to cook the scrambled mixture. AFter pouring into pan I add any one or all of the following, salt/pepper, basil/oregano, hot sauce, horsradish sauce,,etc. I have microwaved the wraps for 1-3 min depending on how many wraps you would like,,,,to heat them through they 'bend' better that way,and then put some of the egg mixture on a plate and put the wraps on a separate plate and then make up 'breakfast' burritos. YUMMY! oh, I forgot I put the cheese on the top of the individual serving, while hot to allow it to melt. I use the colby/jack cheese. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I think your cooking is great but I might want to go out. Blog is looking great.

LeeAnn said...

A better question: do you have creative ways of telling when corn tortillas have gone stale? I have had a pack in my fridge for--oh, let's say, weeks (couple months?). No mold. Looks okay. Smells okay. But they should not last that long right? Some parts of my fridge are so cold they do get icy but it's hard to tell.

I have only made enchiladas with my tortillas. I haven't quite mastered corn tortilla usage yet. Guess I'll look through some of your recipes!