Monday, August 18, 2008

Menu for the Week

Here's what we've got going on food-wise this week:

On Saturday my Sis and Cousins are coming to stay with us through Sunday. Boy, will Tim be out-numbered or what?!! We haven't set the menu for their visit yet, but I think we'll be going to HuHot for lunch after church.

Check out OrgJunkie's Menu roundup for other great menu ideas!

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CarolinaDreamz said...

Hi Sarah.

I came to peek at your menu's and I'm so excited to find recipes to try. My GF flours are staring at me, in my fridge and frankly, I'm deeply afraid to try. Maybe if gluten made me deathly ill, I'd adhere better. :)

Strawberry Muffins are on my list, for breakfast, in the morning. Thanks for stopping by my new blog.